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Step by step: How to maintain your outdoor deck

Outdoor decks are constantly exposed to forces of nature. Bona Deck Oil gives the lasting protection your deck needs to stay in prime condition. By following our step-by-step instructions you will get the most out of your wooden decking.

Wood Is a Beautiful Material
Understanding your timber will help you achieve a better and longer lasting result.
• Hardwood absorbs less oil, which results in a less intense finish, compared to softwood.
• Rough sanding of timber increases its absorbency and the depth of colour.
• Ensure the timber is dry prior to application. The moisture content must not exceed 18%.
• Always sand planed lumber before coating to improve oil penetration.

Material check list:
Bona Decking & Furniture Oil
Stir stick
Short-haired roller with extension bar
Small brush
Several lint-free cloths
Disposable booties
Gloves and safety goggles
Plastic bag with water to place oily rags/paper in

Pressure-impregnated Pine
Is usually delivered with high moisture content. Leave to dry about 2-4 months before oiling.

Wash with Bona Decking Reviver or let the timber weather for up to two weeks. Sand before coating.

Tropical Hardwood
Before oiling, allow the timber to weather until it just starts to lose its colour.

Renovating Weathered Deckings
Clean at least 3-4 days before oiling to allow it to dry out. Painted or varnished surfaces require sanding down to bare wood prior to oiling.

Softwood – Pine, larch, spruce, cypress etc.
1. Remove loose dirt, moss etc.
2. Dampen the decking with water.
3. Apply Bona Decking Reviver generously to a 5-10 m2 section and wait 5 minutes.
4. Scrub with a hard bristled brush, or with a high pressure washer (low pressure).
5. Rinse with water and go on to the next section.
6. When dry, we recommend abrading the surface lightly with abrasive paper grit 100-120 before oiling.

Hardwood – Merbau, ipé, cumaru, oak etc.
1. Clean with a high pressure washer using the rotary brush (low pressure).
2. When dry, we recommend abrading the surface with abrasive paper grit 100-120 before oiling.

Apply the oil
The surface must be clean and dry. Apply the oil on a calm, cloudy day to prevent the oil from drying too fast. If the decking is exposed to water within 24 hours after oiling, apply another coat of oil.

1. Stir the can. Apply a thin coat of Bona Deck Oil with a short-haired roller, sponge or similar applicator, along the full length of 2-3 boards or small section of the floor.
2. Wipe away excess oil using a lint-free cloth. For a better working position, wrap the cloth around a hard-bristled broom.
3. Continue with 2-3 boards at a time until done.
4. Let dry for 24 hours without load.

If light spots are showing when the deck has dried, apply another coat of oil to saturate it properly.

Periodic Maintenance
The maintenance interval is difficult to determine, but once a year is usually a suitable interval. Check the decking on occasion for dry spots, decayed wood etc. and maintenance oil it when required. Before oiling, clean the surface thoroughly.

1. Clean the decking with a slightly alkaline cleaner . Let dry thoroughly.
2. Apply a thin coat of Bona Decking & Furniture Oil using a short-haired roller or similar applicator.
3. Wipe away excess oil using a lint-free cloth.
4. Let dry 24 hours without load.

Regular Maintenance
Sweep the deck regularly. Remove ingrained dirt by scrubbing with a slightly alkaline cleaner and then washing with a garden hose. For furniture, Bona offers a special Garden Furniture Cleaner, just spray and wipe.